Tommaso Grandi(1); Silvia De Carlo(2); Veronica Carosi(2); Alessandra Visentin(2); Nicola Fanton(3); Daniela Baldo(2); Matteo Paganini(2).

1) Emergency Department, Policlinico Casilino, Rome, Italy
2) Emergency Department, University Hospital of Padua, Italy
3) Emergency Department, Ospedale Sant’Antonio, Padua, Italy


Chest compressions generate a small but critical amount of cerebral blood flow and occasionally provide sufficient cerebral perfusion pressure to let the
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Paolo Balzaretti
S.C. Medicina e Chirurgia d’Accettazione e Urgenza, A.O. “Ordine Mauriziano”, (Torino) Italy

What we already know about this topic

Pneumonia still holds a high prevalence in Western Countries; even mortality rates for admitted patients are relevant, ranging from 5,6% to 10% at 30-days follow up (1,2). For this reason, any therapeutic mean which possibly could lower these figures is worth studying.
In the past years, corticosteroids have been deeply investigated in the
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R. Lubrano1, E. Baldini**, L Cipollone**, A Rosa**, A. Asrow*, G Bertazzoni** and CEQUAM Instructors Group**

1: President SIMEUP
* Emergency Medicine, NorthShore University Health System, Evanston, Illinois, USA
** (Research Center on Evaluation of Quality in Medicine - CEQUAM, “Sapienza” University Rome, Italy: D. Amoroso, L. Antonetti, M De Filippo, A. Garramone, I Gentile, A Marcellino, E Migliozzi, O Spagnolello, A Zizzo)


Simulation is a teaching method that has witnessed a

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Fernando Schiraldi*, Giovanna Guiotto**
*Ex SIMEU president
**Dir. UOC Med.d’Urgenza e PS A.O. Rummo Benevento
The very updated editorial by Iaccarino and Bertazzoni, recently published on ITJEM, underlines once more how the long lasting fluids debate is still far from being totally resolved (1,2). So we thought if a different approach, based on a few concepts of applied physiopathology, could be of interest to the internist/intensivist, who must
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