Antonio Pagano MD, Lavinia Saldamarco MD, Carlo Bitello MD, Fiorella Paladino MD
MD Emergency Medicine Department, Cardarelli Hospital, Naples, Italy


Cardiac perforation by permanent pacemaker lead is a rare but possible event. Usually it occurs early, but less frequently it is a late onset complication. We report a case of delayed perforation by passive fixation lead, two weeks after the implantation, in a patient with no comorbidities. The strumental and clinical
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Antonio Polenta (1); Giancarlo Sinelli (2); Paola Mainqua (2); Stefano Loffreda (2).
1) School Specialising in Emergency Medicine, University l’Aquila
2) MD Emergency Medicine Department – S. Salvatore - Pesaro.
Acquired hemophilia A (AHA) is a rare bleeding disorder with an incidence of approximately 1.5 cases/million/year1 and is characterized by autoantibodies directed against circulating coagulation FVIII. These autoantibodies constitute the most common
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Benedetta Marigliano (1), Gabriele Valli (2), Raffaele Antonelli lncalzi (1), Maria Pia Ruggieri (2).
1) U.O.C. of Internal Medicine, University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome
2) Emergency Department of 5. Giovanni-Addolorata Hospital in Rome


Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DlC) is often a hard to recognize haematological disorder, which is always difficult to treat, as it is the final manifestation of a number of different serious syndromes. lts
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Valeria Clemente MD-Phd, Beniamino Susi MD
Department of Emergency Medicine of Polyclinic Tor Vergata Rome


Pulmonary embolism is a life-threatening condition, with a high mortality rate. Recent studies show that 30-day mortality is 4%, but may increase to 13% after 90 days (1). The risk of developing a PE increases during and after surgery and it depends from the type of surgery and patient risk factors. Orthopedic procedures have the highest incidence of
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