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Itjem, an editorial experiment

fotosilviaalparoneThe Emergency medicine is a fascinating, interesting, complex discipline, something at the same time so ancient but also quite new in the italian medical world. Emergency is the medical system’s heart and its intimate soul, even if  in Italy the official specific school started only in 2009.  Its aim, dynamics and rules concern everyone of us, not only people who work in the field. Because everyone needs emergency services at least once in a lifetime.
From a journalistic point of view, Em is interesting for several reasons: first of all, scientific,  in regards to the important results of (medical) research; and political, concerning the healthcare managing system. Then there are  stories: how  doctors and nurses live their daily work, in Italy and abroad, what happens in other European countries or even further away. Stories are essential to understand what it means to try to make the heathcare machine even more efficient nowadays.
That’s why the new Itjem has some generalistic articles next to the scientific core of the review. They are in Italian, because they are addressed to the Italian public, to spread the word about this fascinating, old but also new, complex discipline.
This is an experiment: nothing similar exists in the Italian editorial world at the moment.
Good luck to all of us. And enjoy surfing the web, everybody!


Silvia Alparone

Journalist, Itjem Editorial Coordinator


Itjem is the official italian scientific review for emergency medicine.

Publisher: Simeu, Società italiana della medicina di emergenza-urgenza, via Valprato, 68 Torino -

Editorial coordination: Silvia Alparone.

Scientific Manager : Giuliano Bertazzoni; Operating Editorial Board: Paolo Balzaretti, Guido Borasi, Rodolfo Ferrari, Mauro Giordano, Paolo Groff, Emanuele Pivetta.

Advisory Board: Michele Gulizia, Riccardo Lubrano, Marco Ranieri, Maria Pia Ruggieri, Roberta Petrino, Francesco Violi, Ugo Loaisa, Lexie Asrow.

Editorial Board and Reviewers: Giancarlo Agnelli, Giancarlo Avanzi, Marco Baroni, Stefania Basili, Alessio Bertini, Francesco Buccelletti, Gian A. Cibinel, Roberto Cosentini, Fabio De Iaco, Andrea Fabbri, Paola Noto, Giovanni Ricevuti, Fernando Schiraldi, Danilo Toni.

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