Giuliano Bertazzoni
In the last two years, our Editorials took care of various scientific issues, in the interest that our Magazine must spread as expression of a scientific society. We stepped in health problems and the difficulties that the emergency physicians need to face.
We never mentioned, although, any problems of political interest, but today we are making an exception.
A proposal was presented to allow doctors, who have earned at least 4 years experience in the emergency
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Iaccarino C* e G Bertazzoni
*Emergency Medicine School, Sapienza University of Rome

The use of IV fluids in the critically, but even not critically ill patients, is now a "routine" therapy. Although the choice of which fluid should be administered in a different clinical situation is now well defined, as well as the dosage and what would be the possible damage of an uncontrolled use, actually because of the limited avaiable data the "Hamlet doubt" on which is the first

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Giuliano Bertazzoni

Questo ultimo numero del 2018 di ITJEM presenta alcune peculiarità:

  • Pubblica “Peripheral Vascular Catheter Access in the Emergency Department: A Policy Statement”. Il documento definisce, a proposito degli accessi venosi periferici, indicazioni, presidi, e farmaci fino a dare disposizioni per i diversi percorsi di cura; ne deriva una dichiarazione che ha l’intento di fornire indicazioni tecniche al medico d’urgenza sulla gestione
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This first issue of the Italian Journal of Emergency Medicine comes out during a period in which Italian Emergency Systems are severely strained by flu epidemic.
"The peak of Influence has been reached (even if the severity still remains quite high)” - we read in the health policy newspapers released in January - especially children within 15 years are affected".
It would therefore appear a common flu to be treated at home with common medications and, when necessary, with a properly and
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