A mediastinal lymphoma detected by point-of-care ultrasound in a woman with worsening dyspnea. Hodgkin's Lymphoma: a case report
A new emergency: the internet addiction
A new model of Emergency Department: person-focused/patient-centered care and a strategic design of spaces
A successful prolonged resuscitation in normotermic patient not eligible to extra-corporeal life support
A Tele Stroke network in internal areas of Umbria
Adenosine versus intravenous calcium channel antagonists for supraventricular tachycardia
Advanced Paramedic ed Infermiere MSA 1° Livello in Regione Lombardia: competenze a confronto
An atypical post colonoscopy complication: bladder herniation
Cervicofacial emphysema after a dental hygiene procedure: a case report
Corticosteroids for pneumonia
D-lactic acidosis with encephalopathy subsequent to “short bowel syndrome” in bariatric surgery. A case report in emergency room
Emergency Department as an epidemiological observatory of Human Mobility: Rome Metropolitan Area (EMAHM).
Emergency Department as an epidemiological observatory of Human Mobility: the experience of the Moroccan population
Fluids and which fluids? This is the question!
Gli accessi venosi periferici nel Dipartimento di Emergenza
High flow nasal cannula therapy in emergency room: may it change the path for COPD patients with exacerbation?
High flow nasal cannula: a new option in treatment of acute hypoxemic respiratory failure
Hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis as usefull tool for early suspicious of acute kidney injury in emergency department
Hypertensive urgencies and pseudo-urgencies in the Emergency Dept: a proposal of new health-care model in chronic diseases
Isolated spontaneous dissection of the celiac artery: a case report
L’accesso improprio in Pronto Soccorso e analisi delle possibili cause: studio osservazionale
La gestione della sepsi nell’adulto in pronto soccorso e medicina d’urgenza in Italia: Le raccomandazioni della consensus Simeu
Le novità in questo numero - News in this issue
Measures of efficiency in the emergency department observation units
Multidisciplinary approach to intravascular leiomyomatosis with cardiac interesting (intracardiac extension)
Non-traumatic retroperitoneal hemorrage: eraly diagnosis in emergency
Overcrowding in Italian Emergency Department: the survey of “Settimana Nazionale del Pronto Soccorso 2017” SIMEU
Psychological support system against burnout syndrome in pre-hospital emergency nurses: a cross-sectional survey
Severe Hyponatremia in the elderly: the seasonalvariability in the emergency department
Simeu Consensus Conference on management of sepsis and septic shock in Emergency Department: preliminary survey results
The efficacy of hfnc in the treatment of bronchiectasis exacerbations: two operative cases
The Flu in Time of Antibiotic Resistance
The fluids debate: what about a different approach?
The Italian law n°. 41/2016: what the emergency doctor must know
Treatment for superficial thrombophlebitis of the leg
Trial clinico farmacologico di fase 3 in pronto soccorso: si può fare?
What can hide a simple backache? A case report


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