“Welcome baby girl” in the ambulance: an experience of the Operative Center of Rome. Dispatch and management of a rapid labor
A “mushroom” grown up from the aorta
A case of cardiac perforation
A case of heat stroke in abuse of energy drinks
A case of pulmonary embolism after orthopedic surgery
Acquired hemophilia A: a case report
An Attempted Suicide with Copper Sulphate Injected Intravenously: Pathophysiology and Therapy about a Case Report
Capnography for emergency department procedural sedation and analgesia
Combined inhaled beta-agonists and anticholinergic agents in adults with asthma exacerbations
Corticosteroids for Bell’s Palsy (idiopathic facial paralysis)
Detection of left atrial compression by focused cardiac ultrasonography in a patient with worsening dyspnea
Diagnostic and therapeutic impact of clinical bed-side ultrasonography in management of critically ill patients in High Dependency Unit
Door-to-needle time in acute ischemic stroke: analysing intra-hospital delays, predictive factors, improving strategies. The experience of baggiovara hospital (MO, Italy)
Early detection of systemic embolism: usefulness of bedside echocardiography in the emergency department
Emergency Department as an observatory of rare diseases: the case of Angioedema
Il 118 e la gestione preospedaliera in emergenza del paziente affetto da ictus cerebrale in Calabria
Il work in progress della medicina di emergenza-urgenza e la risposta delle istituzioni
ItJEM's No. 2 in 2017 adds DOI to already acquired ISSN in No.1
JLB: a flexible and effective device in critical patients. Review of clinical cases
L’approccio ABCDE nello scompenso cardiaco in emergenza urgenza: un nuovo algoritmo decisionale per la gestione clinico/terapeutica
L’utilizzo del Lat Gel nell’anestesia locale delle ferite pediatriche in Pronto Soccorso
Letter to editor
Measures of diagnostic accuracy and clinical usefulness. Epidemiological methodologies applied to the use of lung ultasound among heart failure patients
Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in a mitral valve prolapse young male patient with acute mitral regurgitation due to cordal rupture. A case with a literature review
PEEP application and breathing pattern influence ecographic IVC collapsibility in normal subjects
Point-of-care ultrasound: an essential tool in acute care nursing? Results of a survey from Piedmont
Procedure infermieristiche per l’emergenza sanitaria territoriale
Short Term Observation: 2008-2015 Activity Report And Data Analysis
Six Cases Of CPR-Induced Consciousness In Witnessed Cardiac Arrest
Strategia diagnostica con imaging nucleare nel dolore toracico
Syncope and head trauma in elderly: a pilot study
The First Aid on the Scene of the Crime: the possible coexistence of clinical and investigative necessity
The first issue of ITJEM 2017 brings some news
The non-invasive mechanical ventilation: the experience of the department of Internal Medicine and Critical Area of the Polyclinic Hospital of Modena
Therapeutic dilemma in disseminated intravascular coagulation: primary myelofibrosis is not a single disease
Thoracic Ultrasonography of "FIRE-EATER’S LUNG" in Emergency Department
Use of fluids to treat patients with acute alcohol intoxication: are they really effective?
Utilization of big data to improve management of the emergency departments. Results of a systematic review
Violenza sul luogo di lavoro: risultati di un’indagine in area critica
What makes emergency medicine residents satisfied? A web based national survey


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